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R-35 GT-R Debut



2017 Original aero for R35GT-R was born.
Normal can not be satisfied · · ·
I also want to ride regularly …
For such a driver REC was born.
 Aero which makes the running performance upward as well as the design.
 That is REC.

Commitment to Production

REC is done from design to production, all in Japan.
Considering aerodynamic performance, not only appearance, but also driving performance is improved, while finishing it into a design that considered to be able to ride normally without stress.

Of course, even in the production, we do not allow any compromise, all in the domestic plants, first-class aero craftsmen carefully produce each one, we do not need any processing at installation, we promise high quality.


REC aero is of course not only sticking to the design, but various ingenuity to enhance aerodynamic performance are given.

Various performances such as downforce and cooling effect are improved, and it is designed to feel performance improvement even in town riding.


~Front Bumper~


~Side View~

User Voice

My R35 was out of warranty in the earlier model, so I met when I thought about customizing from now on, purchased with love at first sight.
I bought it like the design, but when I actually wear it and feel it, I felt pressing against the ground which I did not feel normal, the excitement when I first ran the R35 revived, the pleasure of driving improved dramatically Did.

Nagoya Mr.H

I introduced REC’s aero in introduction of SHOP which has always been indebted and decided to buy immediately when I saw it for the first time.
Although self-assertion of Aero itself is not strong, I think that the design firmly sticks to details and design that will raise the image of the whole car.

Yokohama Mr.K

I am a person who enjoys circuit running with my favorite car that I normally ride with, but I was dissatisfied with the cooling performance of the previously installed aero, so let me introduce REC’s aero from performance hobbyist with performance emphasis , I explained the cooling performance in an easy-to-understand manner and decided to purchase.
Actually running on the circuit, I am very satisfied as I understand the difference even if I run as a hobby.

Tokyo Mr.Y


REC Front Kit(FRP)


REC Front Bumper(FRP)


REC Front Under Type1(FRP)


Original Custom

Just wearing the aero will not be disappointing for the user as well.
We accept original custom which can specify color and material etc. in detail, so we will respond to various requests such as “I want to change color only lip,” “I want to put a line here.”
We will do all the construction when we receive the order at our own factory with the production line and firmly strictly set up by our company, we will install or ship after the quality check.
If you would like to have one aero in the world, please do not hesitate to tell us.


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pread Co.,Ltd
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Seiji Kitagawa

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